We are a team of multidisciplinary physical and psychological therapists committed to provide a high standard of evidence-based and skilled professional service. Our vision at Keats Health is to be the wellbeing centre of Enfield!

Our health is the most treasured gift in our lives and we work as a team to support our clients to achieve the balance lost due to day to day stress and the pressures of modern life. Our treatments aim to leave you:  Happier –Healthier- Feeling Great!

We are also able to offer a range of daytime and evening appointments.

Covid-19 Risk Response

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the difficult decision to close the clinic.

Once we see how the Coronavirus situation develops we will take an informed view on reopening the clinic. The safety of our clients and patients is paramount and we will use this time to review all procedures and work practices to minimize risk to everyone.

Some consultations can be done by phone, WhatsApp or Skype: Podiatry, EMDR, CBT and some Counselling can be done remotely, please email the clinic at info@keatshealth.co.uk if you would like more information. Homeopathy, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Nutritional advice can also be done this way.  These therapies can help to support the bodies strength and enhance immune response.

For emergency Podiatry please email and we will get back to you, either with advice over the phone, or an appointment slot at the clinic.

Regarding Osteopathy treatments consult this link.

You can contact us regarding all our therapies and the latest news on when we will be able to reopen:    info@keatshealth.co.uk 

Please take time to read the official NHS advice about the coronavirus on:


What our customers say about us

Really didn’t expect to have my head ‘fixed’ ! I’m so happy with the outcome from the EMDR sessions, and Soraia is a lovely soul! Perfect environment, safe and comfortable.

Rich Miller

Had a medical pedicure and manicure! Amazing results- Rashmita and Umrida transformed my knarly, rough feet and hands into beauties! They took their time, didn’t rush me and I was there for hours chilling and relaxing. The friendliest, nicest people – am going back in 6 weeks and i’m taking my mum and auntie there to be pampered too! you

Veronica Sasu

Going into EMDR sessions I didn’t know what to expect but coming out of it, it was an amazing experience. It gives you a whole new perspective of your experiences and Soraia truly helped me to understand these experiences, as well as grow and progress as a person. Thank you so much!

Daphne L

I had never visited an Acupuncturist before visiting Carole Mabboux.

At the time of my visit I was in an extremely anxious and stressed state. I found Carole to be extremely professional and passionate about her treatment of my symptoms.

About three days after my first visit, my anxiety and stress levels seemed to diminish. My mind was calm and I could think straight! More importantly, I had undisturbed sleep for the first time in over three years.

I have visited Carole three times since for various reasons and have every faith in her and her treatments.

V.W. - Enfield

Prior to visiting Carole I have to admit to being sceptical about the effectiveness of acupuncture and alternative medicine in general. However a series of acupuncture treatments for a stress related sleeping problem went along way to providing a cure. Thoroughly recommended not only for this particular ailment but also to help restore your well being.

T.D. Company Director – London

I had suffered back pain on and off for many years and had tried several forms of treatment with varying degrees of success. Then, two years ago, I visited Carole for the first time and was immediately impressed by the effect of combining Acupuncture with Reiki.

After the first session, my back felt much looser. By the end of the course of treatment, I could perform movements that I had not been able to do for years and have remained virtually pain free ever since.

S.M. Enfield

Your treatments have definitely made the world of difference as midwives said it was like my second or third child! I am very grateful for all your help.

A.L. Enfield

I visited Carole mainly due to 2 reasons: To boost my immune system (I was always ill!) and for stress relief. Carole uses an approach that takes into account the whole body and mind and also looks at lifestyle and how that might be leading to symptoms.

I found Carole to be friendly and professional. It’s very clear that she will do everything in her power to help you! I felt a little unsure about going down the path of alternative therapies, but the results speak for themselves. I haven’t been ill since beginning my course with Carole and all the symptoms that go hand in hand with stress are noticeably less and far more manageable. I would definitely recommend a visit!


Having suffered a nasty burn which was taking a long time to heal, I approached Carole for Reiki treatment.

Although I was fairly ignorant and slightly skeptical about the process, I am delighted with the results. Carole explained how the treatment works and, as she predicted, I felt a slight tingling sensation in my hand as the Reiki was carried out. The pain relief was almost instant and the following day the burn had clearly begun to heal. A week later the skin is so much better, despite my doctor’s prediction of considerable scarring. I am delighted and would certainly recommend Carole to anyone!

A. Llanrwst