Use of the Arts therapies enables clients to express their feelings and emotions through the creative medium. It also provides clients with a ‘helicopter’ view of their situation which can permit them to gain insight and a deeper understanding of their lives.

Dramatherapy is one of the four HCPC registered arts therapies. Dr Mullen works with both adults and adolescents. Dramatherapy helps you look at certain aspects in your life that are causing pain and holding you back from moving forwards; trauma, anxiety, mental health issues, self-esteem, unwanted behavioural patterns.

Dramatherapy is a process and requires commitment and time. Dramatherapy provides an objective space to reflect, gain insight and work through challenges and difficulties to promote change and transformation. Dramatherapy is a confidential and non-judgemental space that offers encouragement and unconditional regard to whatever thoughts and feelings the client brings.


The Arts therapist Practitioner at Keats is Dr. Julianne Mullen.