Why Use Complementary Therapy?

Most therapies have a holistic approach in common, which takes into account the body, mind and even the soul of the patient. A session with a therapist often begins with a long conversation about your medical history and your present well-being. The treatments can last from 30 minutes to an hour and a half and the number of treatments is dependent on your condition.

How Do I Know Which Therapy Is Right For Me?

Certain therapies have a reputation for being good with particular problems. Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatments for back problems and sports injuries, Acupuncture for relief of chronic pain, Massage and Reflexology for stress relief, Psychotherapy for emotional difficulties, Homeopathy is well known for treating children’s illnesses and Chinese Herbal Medicine is good for skin conditions. These are just examples of the many conditions and ailments that can be treated by each therapy. It is worth talking to practitioners to find out which is the most suitable therapy for you.

Can I Get Therapies Paid For By Medical Insurance?

Increasingly Insurance companies are recognising the benefits of complementary therapies. Many will now pay towards most of the treatments we offer, so is worth consulting your own Insurance company to see what is covered.


How Can I Be Sure That My Practitioner Is Legitimate?

All practitioners working at Keats Complementary Practice are fully qualified and are members of their respective governing regulatory body. Each member is bound by the Body’s codes of ethics, practice and professional conduct and are covered by medical malpractice and Public/Products Liability Insurance.

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