Psychosynthesis is a holistic approach to counselling / psychotherapy that includes the whole person – body, feelings, mind, sexuality and spirituality. It is a spiritual psychology that includes questions of the soul, alongside the physical, emotional and mental well being of the individual.

Psychosynthesis counselling / psychotherapy aims to facilitate the expression of the unrealised potential that lies within us, whilst enabling us to understand how our past experiences may have impacted upon our present life and how this further impacts on the expression of our creativity and potential. The current dilemmas and crises we face can be seen as opportunities for us to consider and explore changes in our lives. Thus guiding us towards a deeper experience of who we are and a sense of wholeness.

Psychosynthesis counselling / psychotherapy can support you in exploring a range of issues / dilemmas / crises:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Self esteem / assertiveness
  • Loss of meaning / purpose / direction in life
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Lack of creativity or joy in life

Psychosynthesis Counselling / Psychotherapy provides you with a regular time and place to explore in confidence the issues you are now experiencing.


The Counselling Practitioners at Keats are Anne Tonks, Edna King and Katya Ray