Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, an energy which is all around us.

Reiki is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved in Japan from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926).

There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive a Reiki treatment, the only prerequisite is the desire to be healed.

Reiki is a method of natural healing that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It is a technique that promotes healing and also reduces stress and induces relaxation. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us.

The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit to channel the “life energy” from the universe to the patient.

The Reiki energy flows to the areas of need, supercharging the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Reiki also produces other beneficial effects that include pain relief, relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Acute injuries can be helped to heal very quickly but more chronic illness takes longer. In some cases such as terminal illness, there is not enough time for the progress of the disease to be reversed. However, in such cases there is usually great benefit and enhancement of the quality of life giving a sense of peace and acceptance during the time remaining.

Reiki Principles

Just for today –
I will not worry
I will not be angry
I will do my work honestly
I will give thanks for my many blessings
I will be kind to my neighbors and all living things
“Dr. Mikao Usui”



The Reiki Practitioners at Keats is Carole Mabboux



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