Emily is a fully qualified and insured M.A.R Reflexologist, whom studied at the highly regarded London school of Reflexology, whereby she was trained by Louise Keet – ‘Britain’s leading reflexologist. Using the holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Emily works with the individual as a whole, as she feels that physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are inextricably linked. Her passion is empowering clients to encourage greater wellness into their lives, through a powerful combination of personalised holistic health and wellbeing advice, relaxing ancient treatments and in her own private studio: spirituality and mindfulness classes, meditations and workshops. When working with clients, she encourages them to envision exactly what they would like to achieve through starting their treatment plan. She feels that once having identified their goals, it allows for a clear, constructive and more personal journey to better.

Emily is extremely passionate on the protection and preservation of our eco systems, and prides herself in being an eco-friendly business. Using only natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials. As a member of the Association of Reflexologists, Emily is committed to continuing her professional development, through attending regular courses and continuing research. The AOR hold strict codes of conduct, to ensure all members practise at the highest level in reflexology. She is also first aid qualified. 

Emily is particularly passionate about women’s hormonal health, and has had great experiences in encouraging greater hormonal balance for her clients. She also holds a further diploma in pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal care Reflexology, which aids in promoting your body’s natural healing processes, and achieving balance. Reflexology can encourage a deep sense of relaxation, improve sleep and reduce stress, all of which are major factors influencing fertility. Emily works closely with clients by creating a treatment plan that works for them. This can include; monitoring sleep, diet, exercise, general lifestyle habits, syncing treatments with their menstrual cycle, alongside tailored Holistic lifestyle advice. Where possible, Emily encourages working with both parties – should this be a solo experience, that is fine too. Monitoring these areas allows for a better understanding on how their body works, and ways in which they can improve their lifestyle, which encourages a greater sense of connection to their being. 

She also holds a diploma in Indian Head Massage, a deeply relaxing treatment with many health benefits, especially alongside Reflexology. Emily also holds a further diploma in hand reflexology, perfect for combination treatments.

To find out more about Emily’s services visit: www.remedieslondon.com or contact Emily directly on: 07852239042 – remedieslondon@gmail.com