Rashmita Bedi


B.SC (Hons) Pod, M.Ch.S., S.R.Ch.

RASHMITA BEDI specialises in Chiropody/Podiatry. She is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Rashmita has had many years of experience as a Podiatrist having worked in the NHS and in private practice. She specialises in biomechanics and minor surgery relating to nail issues as well as providing complete footcare for corns callus and verruca issues.

Today we find that diabetes is on the increase, footcare is important to everyone but moreso to people with diabetes. Our Podiatry clinic should be your first stop when considering footcare and somewhere to get valuable advice.

She also provides these services to the mental health trust in north London.

All HCPC registered Chiropodists/Podiatrists undergo 30 hours of continuing professional development every year to keep up with new innovations in the profession.

The in depth training undertaken by Podiatrists over a three year period provides us with a diverse knowledge base. It includes anatomy , physiology , pharmacology and much more.

The public section of the Society of Chiropodists website is found at feet for life