Daniele Wichene
Daniele Wichene

Family Therapy

MA In Systemic Family Psychotherapy
EMDR Therapist

As a systemic therapist and an EMDR practitioner, I see Connection as the key that opens windows and doors to a preferred future: by making better intellectual and emotional sense of the complex relationships between brain, mind and body we enable the building of bridges between people - and vice versa, because we are all built the same, but each of us has a different story, and many stories to tell.

My sessions last 90 minutes. I don't have to see people weekly, although this can be the case; often we leave two to three weeks between sessions, to allow for experiencing and testing the impact of the changes of perspective envisaged during our sessions. We decide on the frequency together.

EMDR provides an extraordinary, genuine, deep and lasting liberation from old, entrenched traumatic beliefs and patterns, by making use and making sense of the physical manifestations of traumatic experiences. Most people will be amazed at how quickly and completely they let go of and recover from years of disabling panic and anguish.

I have a background in psychoanalytical and psychodynamic theory, and am a full member of the Association of Family Therapy and of the EMDR Association for UK and Ireland. I worked for 15 years in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health and am now working privately in Enfield and London.