Anne Tonks


BSc (Hons) Psychology
Diploma in Counselling
MA in Psychotherapy

I offer long and short term Counselling and Psychotherapy for individuals who are experiencing difficult periods or crises in their life and who want support to explore these issues, make some sense of them and develop new perspectives and directions.

Issues I work with include: Anxiety and Panic Attacks; Depression; Abuse and Trauma experienced in childhood and / or adulthood; Relationship and Intimacy difficulties; Loss and Bereavement; Identity issues – who am I?; Loss of Meaning and Purpose in life; Self-confidence and Self-esteem issues; Stress.

I aim to provide a supportive and confidential space in which a trusting relationship can develop and explore the issues, discover the person’s own inner resources and new ways of being. It is widely recognised that the therapeutic relationship is important in facilitating the process of healing and growth.

I have a relational and integrative approach which incorporates several psychological theories including Psychodynamic Theory and Psychosynthesis. Psychodynamic Theory is concerned with issues that have developed in childhood and still affect us today. Psychosynthesis considers the whole person: body, feelings, mind, sexuality and spirituality. It is concerned with our relationship to ourselves and others, periods of transition in our lives, personal goals and aspirations.

I studied Psychology at degree level and applied it to my work as a Social Worker for many years prior to training as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I attained my Diploma in Counselling from the Institute of Psychosynthesis in 2005 and my MA in Psychotherapy from the Psychosynthesis Trust, accredited by the University of East London in 2014. I have practiced at Keats for 13 years and I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I abide by their Code of Practice and Ethics.


Please contact me via Keats reception number - 020 8366 2300 if you have any queries or would like to arrange an appointment for an initial assessment session.