Alison Brown

Cranial Osteopathy

Dip. in Osteopathy

Allison has been practicing for 21 years since qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy.

She has worked extensively with pregnant women, babies and children as well as providing osteopathic support for many people in their recovery from physical and emotional trauma and injury.

During the years since qualifying in Osteopathy Allison has explored a number of therapeutic modalities including:

  • Shamanic practice
  • Psychotherapeutic approaches to illness
  • Meditation techniques
  • Energy healing
  • Nutritional aspects of health
  • And various movement centred approaches to bodywork

This has helped to broaden her perspectives on healthcare and healing. Bringing a depth to her osteopathic practice and affording a wealth of knowledge upon which she draws to provide a unique treatment protocol for each client.

Allison has a strong belief in the healing potential of our bodies. She feels that if an individual is supported in understanding and resolving the issues which are impeding their recovery, remarkable change is possible.